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    Pizza Box for Advertisement

    We custom formulate B, C, E, F flutes to PRECISE, STRONG, EFFICIENT specs to suit the size, printing or preference. We can customize E flutes can be made with comparable or better strength than B yet less storage space, lower freight, print better and with 30% higher load strength than B. We can customize B flute or any combination flutes BE, EE, EF...


    Contrary to misinformation about papers or about E flutes,  E Flutes are not necessarily weaker than B. It depends on HOW it is made. Each layer is made to suit the size and printing. We make them PRECISELY EFFECTIVE for each size/job. We will soon use a new "S" corrugation - a new technology  that makes a box stronger with in both directions.


    What makes a paper stronger? First, Material formula/Quality & Quantity

    Pizza Hut's 13" box weight only 153 g and 3mm thick so customers thinks it's stronger Our generic utility 12" box is 161g; high end box 195g! 35% more materials: Structurally stronger and physically stronger. Save 25% freight cost, Print Better, Less storage and warehouse space!

    Example: B-flutes, size 13, only 153 g material

    Compare to our average paper: Size 12: 161g already!

    Compare to our better paper: Size 12: 195g

    OTHERS: Size 13, weight 153g, 3+ mm thick! Paper is made to look thick but actually less material, less strength than even our average boxes! The top paper is so thin, you can see the grooves.

    OURS: Size 12 low end generic box weights 161g!  So if we make the 13" box, it should weight 174g and not just 151g!

    OURS: 12" high end paper: 195g only 2mm! This means 4 cents per box less freight to East Coast, 12 cents per box less freight to Hawaii - 10 cents x 10,000 or $1000 you save!


    Any B or E flutes can be made stronger or weaker. Each flute type is intended for certain usage but with the advancement of manufacturing, we can customize the structure, composition of the paper and design of the box to make E flutes stronger. Whether it's B or E flutes, our paper is made to meet your required strength.

    How Others make their papers: Pizza Hut's box

    How we formulate our papers

    Each Layer is important to us

    Why other's paper are thicker but weight less? SIMPLE: Less materials and you and the consumers think that they are "strong" so you can pay higher price, higher freight, high warehousing and handling cost.

    We use 25-30% more paper to increase strength thru structure but compacted to reduce FREIGHT, STORAGE, HANDLING cost! Why make it thicker so you can pay higher freight cost?

    We carefully formulate EACH LAYER of a paper for each purpose and size by using over 40 different formulas for all jobs. Why we have to do these? Because WE CARE about everything that we do for you.


    Higher Quality Top Layer for FLEXOGRAPHICS and FULL COLOR PRINTING



    The STRUCTURAL RIGIDITY of our paper makes BETTER PRINTING, better COLOR REGISTRATION. Compacted paper also provides precision cutting and a smooth, clean, attractive box We carefully formulate the top paper layer with the right formula and to suit different printing. This is why our prints are sharper. For cmyk full-color printing, we also apply gloss coating to protect and enhance the color.

    By customizing & controlling our own paper production, we systematically exclude any chemical additives to harden papers. The use of any chemical hardening agents is not accepted by us.

    By precisely form each layer of our paper, we form a strong yet EFFICIENT paper and save money. All our pizza boxes are microwaveable, can withstand 350 deg in oven for 30 minutes without burning due to thicker top and bottom layers.

    COMPARE PAPER MATERIALS:  B or E flutes can be made stronger or weaker depending on how and how much materials.  E flutes can save lots of money on freight, warehouse and handling.  Efficiency means a saving of at least $100/pallet and at least $1200 per truckload on shipping!

    HOT BOX:  8x8 in B flutes 2.8 mm thick  but weights only 17 g (only 17 g of paper materials)

    POST OFFICE priority mail box: 8x8 in 1.6 mm thick, 17 g. We formulate our papers in similar to Priority Mail Boxes - Strong enough to handle shipping but compacted to minimize cost.

    Our E flute (for size 14): 8x8", 1.7 mm thick, weight 20 g! We don't make it thicker, we make it stronger and precise to each size to desired strength for your pizza.

    While many pizza box mfrs make boxes from ready made paper sheets trucking around and exposed to unclean air, we carefully processed from roll papers. Ready-made papers cannot assure the right composition for the job nor the hygienic condition of the these papers.

    For pizza chains, we custom formulate papers for each job and from to assure food contact safety. (Others print from ready-made papers supplied by paper company)

    Each layer (top/flutes/inner) is configured specifically for the job. This is to assure most suitable composition of paper. For small orders, we'll try to combine orders so we still can print from new papers.

    Upon completion, each bundle is SEAL-WRAPPED and stored in the ENCLOSED storage away from the production area ready to be shipped.

    Call us for a Free Quote to see how much you can save: 1 (888) 515-8055  or email:  business@atechpackaging.com

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    WOULD YOU LIKE A FREE QUOTE TO SEE HOW MUCH YOU CAN SAVE ON YOUR PRESENT OR FUTURE PACKAGING?  You may save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS each month  by giving us a call National Toll-Free 1(888) 555-8055 or business@atechpackaging.com