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     We ship by rail, sea, truckloads or pallets across the US, CANADA, MEXICO and EUROPE. The following chart is a rough estimate only. We can ship directly to your warehouse or your distributors. Billing can be (a) paid to us (b) by your Distributors with an signed purchase agreement or (c) negotiated and paid by the pizza stores/chain. Third-Party Financing can be arranged for established chains.

         GENERAL SHIPPING INFO  Final cost/estimate to be provided upon specific request

    LOAD QUANTITY : HIGH LOAD QUANTITY with strong E flutes


    Packing and Loading Practices

    With continuing expansion, we are shipping across to CENTRAL, MIDWEST AND NORTHEAST either directly to the Franchise warehouse or to their Distributors such as US Foods, Sysco, Roma, etc. Depending on your distribution setup, we can select the most efficient method and quantity to designated location(s). If necessary and with sufficient quantity, we can also set up and stock boxes in our own warehouse locally for you. Followings are some of the shipping info:

    For NEARBY CITIES in Southern California in PALLETS

    Nearby cities within California, Nevada and Arizona can be shipped by pallets via our contracted/insured truckers for as low as $60pallet to So Cal cities, $125 to Bay Area and etc.

    To ship by 40-ft CONTAINERS BY RAIL or TL (truck load) to certain States. To most other States from West to East Coast; 65,000 to 75,000 boxes per container; 7-9 days from California; $2200- $2800/ctr CY Rail Station. LTL AND and TL may be used for nearby States only. LTL and TL are getting costly and not practical to ship any distance over 1000 miles due to high gas cost.
    To ship by 40-ft CONTAINERS TO SEAPORT such as FL, TX, VA, NY If the location is close by a Sea Port, we can ship to that ocean port which may even cost less than rail. We'll load the container from Long Beach Port and ship via Panama Canal.
    LOCAL WAREHOUSING NEARBY YOU WITHIN YOUR STATE TO SERVICE YOU If we have a supply contract with you for a sufficient quantity (from 100,000 boxes/month within a given State, we can also set up our own LOCAL DISTRIBUTION WAREHOUSE within your State for pre-scheduled pick-ups by your truckers or distributors.

    TO DETERMINE THE BEST SHIPPING METHOD: We will consider local warehousing for your local stores

    First, email us with your total monthly usage quantities of all stores and if the prices are acceptable, we will study and select the most economical shipping method for you.

    Second, if you have a large concentration of stores within a State,  please provide us with this intra-State usage, it may be feasible for us to invest and develop a local warehouse to store your boxes for your convenience.

    ESTIMATE SHIPPING COST TO SELECTED STATES from Southern Cal (Subject to changes/added local tax/charges)

    Container Size

    Est.  Quantity


    Pallet 1500-2500 $135 $145 $200 $175 $200 NA/NE CALL $195 CALL NA/NE CALL CALL $265 $275 $265 $265 $276
    20ft by RAIL 30,000-35000 $850 $850 1250 1790 NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE
    40ft by RAIL 65,000-75,000 1200 1200 1850 2100 1950 2450 2550 2650 2550 2450 2450 2450 2750 2650 2550 2650 2750
    40ft to PORT 65,000-75,000 NA/NE NA/NE 1900 2100 NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE 2200 2250 NA/NE NA/NE 2150 2250 2150
    48ft van truck 85000-90000 NA/NE 2700 3200 2890 3100 NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE NA/NE
    NA/NE= Not available/Not Economical -  RAIL= To the rail station within a State - Port = Major sea port with interstate/int'l service.

    Call us for a Free Quote to see how much you can save: 1 (888) 515-8055  Tel (714) 903-1900 Fax (714) 901-9500 or email:  shipping@atechpackaging.com

    ATECH is with in-house Graphic Designers (AI, CDR, PSD); CAD designers (AUTOCAD, FORM-Z)  and Packaging Engineers (Materials, polymers/thermoforming, structural). Don't pay costly outside service providers when we can do them for you for very little cost or even FREE with your orders. Service is part of our business.

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    WOULD YOU LIKE A FREE QUOTE TO SEE HOW MUCH YOU CAN SAVE ON YOUR PRESENT OR FUTURE PACKAGING?   An email us. You may save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS each month  by giving us a call National Toll-Free 1(888) 515-8055 or business@atechpackaging.com